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Environmental Protection

Tangshan Municipal Harmless Sludge Treatment Project

Publish Date:2012-04-20

Tangshan municipal harmless sludge treatment project is invested and constructed by Tangshan Municipal Drainage Ltd., which is located in the old plant of Tangshan City Fengrun Sewage Treatment Plant.

This project’s construction scale is 400 tons per day and total area is 7040m2. Building (Structure) in the sewage plant includes: sludge fermentation workshop, deodorizing filter, raw material silo, nutritive soil warehouse and variable power distribution room.

This project can process dewatered sludge with 80% moisture content 400t/d. Dewatered sludge is transported to sludge fermentation workshop by sludge special vehicles, unloaded to sludge pits in the sludge fermentation workshop and then transported to raw material silo in the workshop by sludge screw pump. Excipient is transported to raw material silo by bucket elevator in the sludge fermentation workshop.

In the sludge fermentation workshop, the above two material is mixed with return clinker at a certain percentage in a blender mix well. A good mix of materials is transported to oxygen fermentation warehouse through fabric belt conveyor. In the oxygen fermentation warehouse, the materials are forced to fermentation by forced draught while stirring by turning machine to make them uniform fermentation and promoter the forward movement of materials. After 14 days of fermentation, the materials’ moisture content has dropped to below 40%. Parts of the materials after drying are as reflux recycling and parts of them are as nutrition soil output.