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Automated Guided Vehicle

AGV System is mainly include of Automated Guided Vehicle which powered by storage battery、AGV manage and monitor system and charging station. Under the AGV manage and monitor system control. AGV can accurately move to the appointed place and finish a series of orders such as loading、unloading and charging operation etc.

AGV System play a important role in the modern produce materiel handling equipment. And is a automated bridge link correlative components in logistics system.

We design and develop Automated Guided Vehicle System which make the AGV control system that from DANAHER MOTION S?r? AB as a core. Technology advanced、reside in lead of the world. We have develop all kinds of the AGV navigation types such as laser navigation、inductive wire guided、magnet spot or magnet tape guided types And all kinds of the AGV types include of roller type、fork type、tow type、unit load type etc. And operate easy、performance stabilize、function perfect.

AGVS have wide applied future in highly automated industry such as logistics warehousing、manufacturing、banknote print and mintage、tobacco、paper making、automotive、civil aviation、steel、chemistry、post etc. Also in highly cleanly industry such as electron、pharmaceuticals、food etc. and in other special industry such as freeze、nucleus materiel、sensitive materiel etc.