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InCombustion Engine Industry

Cooperating with many domestic leading enterprises, the company has developed dozens of detection equipment for internal combustion engine industry; especially in the field of diesel injection, the company has developed P series and S series injector, common rail fuel injection and electronic control unit pump series. From the detection to sorting to precision assembly, the company can provide a full set of equipment. MTD is also involved in the national 04 special research project of “Common Rail Injector Key Performance and Key Adjusting Geometric Accuracy Automatic Detection System”.

  Common Rail Fuel Injection Automatic Detection Assembly Line

  P Series Fuel Injection Automatic Detection Assembly Line

  Electronic Unit Pump Automatic Detection Assembly Line

  Choke Even Parts High Pressure Fluid Flow Detection Machine

  Fuel Injector with Lining Ring and Electromagnet Gasket Matching Machine

  Fixed Torque and Angle Automatic Cap Tightening Machine

  Precise Pore and Shape Measuring Instrument

  Axis Cervical Pore and Gap Measuring System