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Rail Guide Vehicle (RGV) is a transportation walking along tracks and auto-driven RGV is driven by AC & DC servomotor. The vehicle has reciprocation motions on tracks laid in advance.

The characteristics of RGV are: ①Its acceleration and moving speed are rather fast and suitable to transport heavy parts; ②Because of fixation of rails, it can walk steadily and park accurately. ③ Its control system is simple, reliable and low-cost to produce so that it is convenient to gain popularized application; ④ The route of walking is not easy to change and meanwhile the turn angle cannot be too small.

Since RGV is an auto operation vehicle along tracks, it can connect many logistics nodes and have characteristics as rapidness, simple configuration and convenient maintenance. In some logistics schemes, it can replace conveyor system, whose configuration is relatively complex and poor maneuverability. With different logistics scale and frequency, the system can choose several RGVs to operate together in order to meet the actual demands. The control of RGV is completed by its dispatch and control system, for instance, when changing logistics route and way of working, the only thing needs to do is reset relative index of the control system.