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Cutting Production Line

Cutting Production Line--- Processing Waste Collection, Classification Transportation System

In the mechanical manufacturing industry, there are various mechanical processing devices for different parts in a workshop and thus the cutting waste is various. The traditional way is to collect, classify and transport waste by workers, which is inefficient and ineffective to administrate. This traditional way cannot satisfy the producing demands; however, our equipment can solve this problem effectively. Modular design is used to automatically collect, classify and transport cutting waste.

The automatic cutting waste collection logistics system is developed and designed by MTD independently, which is the first fully-automatic cutting waste collection logistics system aiming at long crumbs, borings and chips all over the world. This system can avoid the loss of noble metal, dramatically decrease the load of cranes and protect the environment of the workshop. According to material kinds, it can automatically classify, transport and restore. The technology of low-voltage power supply, data automatic tracking and wireless communication is applied to this system, which completely improve the reliability and safety of the equipment operation. Thus, this system will create a clean and comfortable “workshop without chips” for you.

There are many devices automatically and orderly operating in the whole transportation system, including vertical and horizontal chip cleaning device, backward flow equipment, chain conveyor, roll-type transportation, production chip tank, lifting ladder, fork turnover machine, and classification stock bin and so on. This system can automatically complete waste collection processing of a whole workshop, meanwhile, the whole system only needs one monitoring personnel to administrate in the supervision room.